Insight on Education

By Superintendent Nick Carter

 "See the possibilities of the future, while laying the foundation for the present.”–Hannah Gbenro

     The 21st century world for which our children in Breckinridge County are preparing is unlike the 20th century in many ways. The 21st century working world is complex and challenging. Our school district must prepare students with the necessary skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, self-direction, and global competence. One factor that makes a difference in successful 21st century schools and districts is strong leadership. Ensuring that everyone in our school district embraces 21st century learning is imperative to the future life success of our children.

     Society has changed in several big ways over the last 25-30 years resulting in major implications for students. Eighty percent of employers in the workforce feel like students must master core subjects and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills to successfully navigate the 21st century economy. Our Breckinridge County children must be prepared for the possibility of changing jobs more than 10 times before the age of 42. Eighty-five percent of the economy’s job are in the service economy and require listening skills, empathy skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, and the ability to develop solutions.

     Effective citizenship standards continue to evolve in the 21st century. Citizenship over the last 50 years has become more complex and global. A global citizen is someone who identifies with being a part of an emerging world community and contributes to their community’s values. In addition, our children are growing up in the “information age.” It is estimated that technical information will double every 18 months by the year 2020. Our children in Breckinridge County must be able to analyze and interpret information upon graduation.

     The Breckinridge County School District is committed to ensuring our students receive a 21st century education second to none. Our goal is for each student to graduate with the skills necessary to pursue his or her dreams. Over the next few months, we will engage in the process of developing a new mission and vision centered on 21st century skills. We encourage everyone to provide needed input when the opportunity arises. Together, we will continue to make educating our children the primary investment of the Breckinridge County community.


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Want to check your student's grades, attendance, and discipline records online?  Request the login information.  Check out the Parent Portal App for iPhones/iPads or Android devices. 

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