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Please take a moment to view this video featuring some of our students and staff. Breckinridge County Schools believe in our students, staff, and community. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did creating it.

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Insight on Education

By Superintendent Janet L. Meeks

    On Wednesday, September 10th, 2014, the Breckinridge County Area Technology Center hosted this year’s first set of Instructional Rounds, inviting educators from around our region to observe the teaching and learning process. Participating team members were from the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, Adair County Schools, Barren County Schools, and, of course, Breckinridge County Schools. Instructional Rounds are similar to medical rounds in that practitioners work together to solve common problems and to improve their practice. In the field of education, it offers a shared understanding of what effective instruction looks like, allowing us to learn from others in the field about to how to enhance teaching and learning.

     Prior to the observations, Principal Tom Thompson shared details about the school, its history, and its programs. During Mr. Thompson’s presentation, he shared that there are currently 431 students enrolled at the BCATC, and seven programs are available to students. These programs include: Information Technology, Business, Welding, Computerized Manufacturing and Machining, Automotive, Carpentry, and Health Sciences. Mr. Thompson also emphasized that the BCATC ranks 4th in the state in the percent of students who are considered to be career ready. Following the presentation, visitors were able to ask specific questions about the school, program offerings, and the strategies used to achieve their current level of success.

     Student engagement and the level of rigor in students’ assigned tasks were two focal points for the rounds. Three groups of six observed classrooms and programs throughout the morning and then debriefed using a specific protocol. During the debriefing period, the teams analyzed their data, identified patterns, and then provided suggestions for next steps. The information was left for the staff to review, discuss, and to compare to the previous site visit data. It will be used to inform future instructional practices that will enhance the learning process. The entire team was extremely complimentary of our students, staff, and school.

     The next set of Instructional Rounds will be held at Breckinridge County High School on Wednesday, October 22nd.





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