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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What is the schedule for Head Start/Preschool? The program operates five days per week.  Full day, Monday-Thursday. Half-Day-Friday.


2.      What supplies will my child need? The program supplies all needed materials.  Your child will need a book bag to carry home completed projects and information from the teaching staff.


3.      How should my child dress? Your child should dress in accordance with the dress code at the school he/she attends.


4.      Will my child need lunch money? No.  All preschool and elementary students in Breckinridge County receive breakfast and lunch FREE of charge.


5.      What is the procedure if my child needs to receive medication while at school? If it is absolutely necessary, you MUST sign a permission form giving the staff authorization to administer the medication. YOU, not the child, must bring the medicine to your child’s teaching team. The medicine should be in a prescription bottle with dosages clearly indicated.


6.      Can my child attend if he/she has a disability? Absolutely! The Breckinridge County Head Start/Preschool Program DOES NOT discriminate on the basis of any disability, or on the severity of disability.

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