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Read below for important phone numbers,information about weather delays and transportation procedures.


Delay and closing information will be available first on the Breckinridge County Schools Weather Hotline at 756-3125.  Information will be broadcast on several other media locations which are listed below:



 WXBC 104.3 FM


WBKR 92.5 FM

 WHAS 11

 WAMZ 97.5 FM

 WLKY 32

 WQXE 98.3

 WDRB Fox 41

 WKHG 105 FM

  • Please remember that roads not traveled in the morning by school buses will not be traveled in the afternoon.
  • In the event that we are forced to operated on a "State Highway Only Plan" buses will only travel numbered roads (i.e. Hwy 60, Hwy 79, Hwy 86, etc.) and students may ride any bus traveling a numbered road.
  • In the event that inclement weather moves into the district during the school day, every effort will be made to determine early dismissal by 12:30 p.m. If early dismissal cannot be achieved by 12:30 p.m. we will, in most situations, dismiss at our regular time.
  • Delays in starting school will be reflected in bus pickup times (i.e. 1 hour delay in school starting will result in all buses running 1 hour later).
  • Roads taken off of the normal bus routes will be put back on in reverse order (i.e. gravel, chip & seal, county blacktop).



The Breckinridge County Board of Education Transportation Department operates 51 bus routes both morning and afternoon, which travel approximately 4,600 miles daily.

Buses shall be routed according to the following guidelines:

  1. Buses will travel only gravel, coal tar or blacktop roads deeded to the county and maintained by the County Road Department.
  2. Buses will travel only main county roads and access roads where a student lives .5 miles or more from the main road.  Buses will not travel on loops, circles, or spurs nor will such roads be calculated into the .5 mile measurement.
  3. The .5 mile measurement will be calculated based on the distance from the main road to the point of turnaround on the access road.
  4. Main roads are state or county roads used for travel through an area which connect to other main state or county roads.
  5. Access roads are state or county roads leading from a main road to one or more homes located on loops, circles, or spurs.  The road may enter at one point of the main road and exit at another.
  6. Loops, circles, or spurs are roads leading from access roads to residence.
  7. Buses will not travel on roads with gates or cattle guards or roads that run through open range.
  8. Buses will travel only on access roads where access to and agress from the access road is safe and adequate for buses to pass.
  9. Buses will not travel into subdivisions.
  10. Buses will continue to travel roads that were approved for travel prior to adoption of this policy until students no longer live on those roads.
  11. Students shall ride the same bus on both morning and afternoon routes.

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