The club DECA is an Association of Marketing Students and has a primary mission of "Developing Future Leaders for Marketing and Management.” Students enrolled in marketing and business related courses are eligible to join DECA. DECA is a unique organization that develops skills needed to succeed in the marketing field. Skills in areas such as advertising, promotion, selling, finance, and distribution are emphasized.  Management and entrepreneurial concepts involving creative problem solving, effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building, project implementation, and many others are also included to help students succeed in a marketing or business career. DECA helps a student focus on and apply classroom learning to specific marketing careers in fields such as Fashion, Sports and Entertainment, Retailing, Finance, Hospitality, and Travel/Tourism. 

DECA differentiates itself specifically in two ways. The first is through it's rigorous competitive events. DECA events range from testing combined with role-play situations to interviews and/or presentations of 5-20 page written team projects. The skills that DECA members learn through DECA projects and competitive events will be used throughout their life in all career fields but are especially focused in the marketing field. 

The second way is the relationship and networking opportunities provided through the DECA activities and competition. Relationships enhance the student’s career success rate, civic consciousness, and social responsibility. Networking provides a positive influence on student lives and their success.