Student Council

BCHS Student Council 


Mission Statement: The purpose of our student council is to provide a voice for the student body under the adult supervision of the faculty and administration. The council will equally represent all grade levels and will welcome representation from a diverse group of individuals. 


Council Responsibilities: 

*to coordinate and execute student-focused events

*to implement new student-focused policies and programs when needed

*to provide an open line of communication among students, faculty, and administration


Representative Requirements:

*Completed application form (forms provided by the sponsor)

*2.0 or higher unweighted GPA at time of application

*During tenure on the council, maintain 2.0 unweighted GPA with no F’s at completion of each quarter

*No more than 2 unexcused absences on his/her record (for this year)

*No AE referrals on his/her record (for this year)


The Selection Process:

*Each grade level will elect 5 student representatives.

*Interested students will run for these positions and will compose a 30 second-1 minute campaign speech to be delivered via Breck Live. 

*Speeches should include any and all of the following: a list of the student’s goals for the school, a quick summary of the student’s accomplishments, a campaign slogan, and any other important information that the candidate would like to share.

*No campaign treats or posters will be allowed for the election process.  “Buying votes” is not the purpose of this group.  

*BCHS students at each grade level will vote for the representatives to represent their respective class. Faculty members will vote for representatives at all grade levels. 


Council Leadership:

*Once 12 representatives are elected, council members will hold an internal election for the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. 

*Only seniors will be eligible for selection as president.

*Only juniors and seniors will be eligible for selection as vice-president.

*Any representative from any grade level will be eligible for selection as secretary and treasurer.

*The council will be supervised by a faculty advisor.