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    Earlier this week, Governor Andy Beshear recommended that no in-person classes take place in Kentucky until at least the third week of August. Following the Governor’s recommendation, the Breckinridge County Board of Education met this morning and approved a new school calendar for the 2020-21 school year. In-person classes in the Breckinridge County School District will start under an A/B schedule on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. The school district will operate under an A/B schedule through Friday, September 11, 2020. Our plan is to transition to a full five days a week, in-person class schedule on Monday, September 14, 2020, as long as it is deemed safe to do so.

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BCHS Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Email Address Department
Albin, Casey  casey.albin@breck.kyschools.us Science 
Anthony, Jami jami.anthony@breck.kyschools.us Curriculum Specialist
Barr, Stephanie stephanie.barr@breck.kyschools.us Credit Recovery 
Bennett, Jonathan  jonathan.bennett@breck.kyschools.us Assistant Principal 
Board, Clint clint.board@breck.kyschools.us Special Education 
Butler, Sarah  sarah.butler@breck.kyschools.us Guidance Counselor
Brey, Stephanie stephanie.brey@breck.kyschools.us Art
Carby, Kara kara.carby@breck.kyschools.us Special Education 
Carman, Garrett garrett.carman@breck.kyschools.us Math
Carter, Sarah  sarah.carter@breck.kyschools.us Special Education 
Carrico, Chase chase.carrico@breck.kyschools.us Math
Chambers, Donnie donnie.chambers@breck.kyschools.us Resource Officer
Cox, Adam  adam.cox@breck.kyschools.us Principal 
Critchelow, Patrick patrick.critchelow@breck.kyschools.us Physical Education 
Critchelow, Raymond raymond.critchelow@breck.kyschools.us Social Studies
Davis, Brad brad.davis@breck.kyschools.us Agriculture
DeHaven, Erin erin.dehaven@breck.kyschools.us English
DeHaven, Rob rob.dehaven@breck.kyschools.us Agriculture
Dowell, Amanda amanda.dowell@breck.kyschools.us Math
Dowell, Chandra chandra.dowell@breck.kyschools.us Guidance Counselor
Dudgeon, Ricky ricky.dudgeon@breck.kyschools.us Band
Ezzo, Bobbi barbara.ezzo@breck.kyschools.us Science
Ford, Ali ali.ford@breck.kyschools.us Math
Garrett, Beth Ann bethann.garrett@breck.kyschools.us English 
Garrett, Rob rob.garrett@breck.kyschools.us English 
Hamilton, Chris chris.hamilton@breck.kyschools.us Social Studies
Henning, Lisa lisa.henning@breck.kyschools.us Science
Hildenbrandt, Walt walt.hildenbrandt@breck.kyschools.us Athletic Director
Hockenberry, Brad brad.hockenberry@breck.kyschools.us Special Education 
Hottell, Brent brent.hottell@breck.kyschools.us Social Studies
Howard, Randy randy.howard@breck.kyschools.us Social Studies
Jennings, Phil  phil.jennings@breck.kyschools.us Chorus
Kennedy, Jon jon.kennedy@breck.kyschools.us Math
LaGrange, Jeff jeff.lagrange@breck.kyschools.us In-School Suspension/Physical Education
Lopez, Cynthia cynthia.lopez@breck.kyschools.us Spanish
Lovell, Leah leah.lovell@breck.kyschools.us Business
Macy, Buddy zane.macy@breck.kyschools.us Social Studies
Marr, Kasey kasey.marr@breck.kyschools.us English 
McElfresh, Stace stace.mcelfresh@breck.kyschools.us Assistant Principal 
McMahon, Glenna glenna.mcmahon@breck.kyschools.us Family and Consumer Science
Miller, John  john.miller@breck.kyschools.us Health/Physical Education
Miller, Jon jon.miller@breck.kyschools.us Transition Readiness Coordinator
Mingus, Melody melody.mingus@breck.kyschools.us Science
O'Reilly, Bryan  bryan.oreilly@breck.kyschools.us Science
Owen, Jenni jenni.owen@breck.kyschools.us Math
Payne, Jennifer jennifer.payne@breck.kyschools.us English 
Peters, Jill jill.peters@breck.kyschools.us Social Studies
Roach, Josh josh.roach@breck.kyschools.us Math
Roach, Rachel rachel.roach@breck.kyschools.us English
Rogers, Heather heather.rogers@breck.kyschools.us Media Specialist
Shartzer, Larry larry.shartzer@breck.kyschools.us Independent School Supervisor
Shaw, Beverly beverly.shaw@breck.kyschools.us Special Education 
Shelby, Elmer elmer.shelby@breck.kyschools.us Science
Schroeder, Brian brian.schoeder@breck.kyschools.us JROTC
Stankiewicz, Drew drew.stankiewicz@breck.kyschools.us Alternative School
White, Olivia olivia.white@breck.kyschools.us English



Office and Support Staff Email Address Department
Greenwell, Tara tara.greenwell@breck.kyschools.us Nurse
Payne, Harold harold.payne@breck.kyschools.us Instructional Assistant
Robbins, Jacquie Jacquie.robbins@breck.kyschools.us Office Manager
Shilts, Amanda amanda.shilts@breck.kyschools.us Bookkeeper
Shrewsberry, Kim kim.shrewsberry@breck.kyschools.us Youth Service Center
Tivitt, Gerald gerald.tivitt@breck.kyschools.us Head Maintenance
Whitworth, Dana dana.whitworth@breck.kyschools.us Front Desk