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AdkinsBritney  -  Kindergarten Teacher 2707563020
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AlexanderDonna  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Donna Alexander [Profile] for Donna Alexander
AllenDebbie  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Debbie Allen [Profile] for Debbie Allen
AllenDeborah  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Deborah Allen [Profile] for Deborah Allen
AmstutzShawna  -  PE Teacher 2707563070
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ArmesCheryl  -  FRYSC
[Email] for Cheryl Armes [Profile] for Cheryl Armes
ArmesJenny  -  Math Interventionist
[Email] for Jenny Armes [Profile] for Jenny Armes
ArnoldJustin  -  Digitial Learning Coordinator
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ArnoldPaula  -  Assistant Kitchen Manager
[Email] for Paula Arnold [Profile] for Paula Arnold
BandyJeana  -  Kindergarten Teacher 2707563070
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BargerAmy  -  Youth Service Center Coordinator
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BargerJill  -  Family Resource Center
[Email] for Jill Barger [Profile] for Jill Barger
BarrStephanie  -  Dean of Students
[Email] for Stephanie Barr [Profile] for Stephanie Barr
BarrettCathy  -  HS/PS Teacher Ext:
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BashamRhonda  -  Custodian 270-756-3040
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BashamTara  -  4th & 5th Grade Teacher
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BeauchampShawna  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Shawna Beauchamp [Profile] for Shawna Beauchamp
BennettBeth  -  Counselor 270-756-3019 Ext:
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BennettJeremy  -  Resource Teacher
[Email] for Jeremy Bennett [Profile] for Jeremy Bennett
BennettJonathan  -  Principal 270-756-3085
[Email] for Jonathan Bennett [Profile] for Jonathan Bennett
BerryKattie  -  PE/Health Teacher, Girls Basketball Coach Ext:
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BishopDennis  -  Reading RTI 270-756-3040
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BishopMargaret  -  Math RTI 270-756-3040
[Email] for Margaret Bishop [Profile] for Margaret Bishop
BlairTommy  -  Strength and Conditioning Coach
[Email] for Tommy Blair [Profile] for Tommy Blair
BlankenshipLori  -  Custodian Ext:
[Email] for Lori Blankenship [Profile] for Lori Blankenship
BoardClint  -  Resource Teacher
[Email] for Clint Board [Profile] for Clint Board
BoardKristi  -  Instructional Assistant Ext:
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BratcherDrew  -  Medical Assistant 270-756-3070
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BratcherScot  -  Welding Technology Teacher 270-756-2138
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BratcherStorm  -  Business & Marketing Teacher 270-756-2138
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BreyStephanie  -  Art Teacher
[Email] for Stephanie Brey [Profile] for Stephanie Brey
BroadbentMichael  -  Chief Academic Officer 2707563117
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BrockmanJarrod  - 
[Email] for Jarrod Brockman [Profile] for Jarrod Brockman
BrownAmber  -  1st Grade Teacher
[Email] for Amber Brown [Profile] for Amber Brown
BrownJames  -  Custodian
[Email] for James Brown [Profile] for James Brown
BrownMary  -  Teacher
[Email] for Mary Brown [Profile] for Mary Brown
BrownRuthie  -  Cafeteria Ext:
[Email] for Ruthie Brown [Profile] for Ruthie Brown
BryanShelby  -  4th & 5th Grade Teacher 2707563070
[Email] for Shelby Bryan [Profile] for Shelby Bryan
BuchananKristin  -  Cafeteria Manager 270-756
[Email] for Kristin Buchanan [Profile] for Kristin Buchanan
BurnetteBarbara  -  Front Desk, Receptionist 270-756-3020
[Email] for Barbara Burnette [Profile] for Barbara Burnette
BurnsJamison  -  Special Education Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Jamison Burns [Profile] for Jamison Burns
BurnstineJim  -  Automotive Technology Teacher
[Email] for Jim Burnstine [Profile] for Jim Burnstine
ButlerCarol  -  1st Grade Teacher 2707563070
[Email] for Carol Butler [Profile] for Carol Butler
ButlerChristina "Chrissy"  -  Family Resource Center 270-756-3022 Ext:
[Email] for Christina "Chrissy" Butler [Profile] for Christina "Chrissy" Butler
ButlerKaylyn  -  Teacher
[Email] for Kaylyn Butler [Profile] for Kaylyn Butler
ButlerSarah  -  Guidance Counselor
[Email] for Sarah Butler [Profile] for Sarah Butler
CainElizabeth  -  3rd Grade Teacher
[Email] for Elizabeth Cain [Profile] for Elizabeth Cain
CameronDanielle  -  FMD Teacher BCMS
[Email] for Danielle Cameron [Profile] for Danielle Cameron
CarbyKara  -  Resource Teacher - Department Chair
[Email] for Kara Carby [Profile] for Kara Carby
CardenSandra  -  Cafeteria Cashier Ext:
[Email] for Sandra Carden [Profile] for Sandra Carden
CarmanAndrea  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Andrea Carman [Profile] for Andrea Carman
CarmanAustin  -  Second Grade Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Austin Carman [Profile] for Austin Carman
CarmanKatey  -  Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teacher 2707563070
[Email] for Katey Carman [Profile] for Katey Carman
CarmanKim  -  HS/PS Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Kim Carman [Profile] for Kim Carman
CarrJennifer  -  Teacher
[Email] for Jennifer Carr [Profile] for Jennifer Carr
CarricoChase  -  Math Teacher
[Email] for Chase Carrico [Profile] for Chase Carrico
CarterNick  -  Superintendent 270-756-3000
[Email] for Nick Carter [Profile] for Nick Carter
CarterSarah  -  Resource Teacher
[Email] for Sarah Carter [Profile] for Sarah Carter
ChandlerJill  -  Teacher 8196
[Email] for Jill Chandler [Profile] for Jill Chandler
ChevalierLourie  -  Custodian
[Email] for Lourie Chevalier [Profile] for Lourie Chevalier
ChildsTerry  -  Teacher
[Email] for Terry Childs [Profile] for Terry Childs
ClarkJennifer  -  HS/PS Family Service Coordinator 2707563050
[Email] for Jennifer Clark [Profile] for Jennifer Clark
ClarkValerie  -  Librarian / Media Specialist
[Email] for Valerie Clark [Profile] for Valerie Clark
CokerRoxie  -  Cafeteria Cashier
[Email] for Roxie Coker [Profile] for Roxie Coker
ComptonJody  -  Library Media Specialist
[Email] for Jody Compton [Profile] for Jody Compton
ConnerPaula  -  Instructional Assistant Ext:
[Email] for Paula Conner [Profile] for Paula Conner
CoomesAlysa  -  3rd Grade Teacher
[Email] for Alysa Coomes [Profile] for Alysa Coomes
CoomesDana  -  Medical Assistant 270-756-3050
[Email] for Dana Coomes [Profile] for Dana Coomes
CoomesKevin  -  Chief Information Officer 270-756-3114
[Email] for Kevin Coomes [Profile] for Kevin Coomes
CopeckLaurinda  -  Visually Impaired
[Email] for Laurinda Copeck [Profile] for Laurinda Copeck
CopeckRick  -  Custodian 2707563070
[Email] for Rick Copeck [Profile] for Rick Copeck
CottrellMadison  -  Fourth Grade Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Madison Cottrell [Profile] for Madison Cottrell
CoxTrish  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Trish Cox [Profile] for Trish Cox
CritchelowDebbie  -  First Grade Teacher
[Email] for Debbie Critchelow [Profile] for Debbie Critchelow
CritchelowKari  -  School Counselor
[Email] for Kari Critchelow [Profile] for Kari Critchelow
CritchelowMissy  -  Science Teacher
[Email] for Missy Critchelow [Profile] for Missy Critchelow
CritchelowPatrick  -  Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher
[Email] for Patrick Critchelow [Profile] for Patrick Critchelow
CritchelowRaymond  -  Social Studies and Computer Science Teacher
[Email] for Raymond Critchelow [Profile] for Raymond Critchelow
DavidsonPatti  -  Librarian/Technology Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Patti Davidson [Profile] for Patti Davidson
DavisBrad  -  Agriculture Teacher
[Email] for Brad Davis [Profile] for Brad Davis
DavisCandy  -  Kindergarten Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Candy Davis [Profile] for Candy Davis
DavisLisa  -  Kitchen Staff
[Email] for Lisa Davis [Profile] for Lisa Davis
DavisSharon  -  First Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Sharon Davis [Profile] for Sharon Davis
DeHavenErin  -  English Teacher - Department Chair
[Email] for Erin DeHaven [Profile] for Erin DeHaven
DeHavenRob  -  Agriculture Teacher
[Email] for Rob DeHaven [Profile] for Rob DeHaven
DeJarnetteAngela  -  Resource Teacher
[Email] for Angela DeJarnette [Profile] for Angela DeJarnette
DennerStephanie  -  Cafeteria Staff
[Email] for Stephanie Denner [Profile] for Stephanie Denner
DennisTricia  -  Instructional Assistant Ext:
[Email] for Tricia Dennis [Profile] for Tricia Dennis
DickersonApril  -  HS/PS Instructional Assistant
[Email] for April Dickerson [Profile] for April Dickerson
DiersingKatrina  -  Speech/Language Pathologist
[Email] for Katrina Diersing [Profile] for Katrina Diersing
DooleyKellie  -  Bookkeeper 270-756-3120
[Email] for Kellie Dooley [Profile] for Kellie Dooley
DowelBarry  -  Custiodian Ext:
[Email] for Barry Dowel [Profile] for Barry Dowel
DowellAmanda  -  Math Teacher
[Email] for Amanda Dowell [Profile] for Amanda Dowell
DowellAngie  -  Accounts Payable
[Email] for Angie Dowell [Profile] for Angie Dowell
DowellChandra  -  Guidance Counselor
[Email] for Chandra Dowell [Profile] for Chandra Dowell
DowellKim  -  Custodian
[Email] for Kim Dowell [Profile] for Kim Dowell
DraneJennifer  -  Teacher
[Email] for Jennifer Drane [Profile] for Jennifer Drane
DudgeonLoren  -  Attendance Clerk
[Email] for Loren Dudgeon [Profile] for Loren Dudgeon
DudgeonRicky  -  BJES Principal
[Email] for Ricky Dudgeon [Profile] for Ricky Dudgeon
DupinSandy  -  School Counselor
[Email] for Sandy Dupin [Profile] for Sandy Dupin
DyerLinda  -  Instructional Assistant 270-756-3040
[Email] for Linda Dyer [Profile] for Linda Dyer
EmbreyLesha  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Lesha Embrey [Profile] for Lesha Embrey
EntrekinLaura  -  Custodian
[Email] for Laura Entrekin [Profile] for Laura Entrekin
EverdingFrank  -  JROTC Teacher
[Email] for Frank Everding [Profile] for Frank Everding
EzzoBobbi  -  Science Teacher
[Email] for Bobbi Ezzo [Profile] for Bobbi Ezzo
FacklerMolly  -  Second Grade Teacher
[Email] for Molly Fackler [Profile] for Molly Fackler
FeatherAmanda  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Amanda Feather [Profile] for Amanda Feather
FentressSamantha  -  Kitchen Staff
[Email] for Samantha Fentress [Profile] for Samantha Fentress
FlattAlana  -  Special Education Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Alana Flatt [Profile] for Alana Flatt
FloodAmy  -  BCMS Principal
[Email] for Amy Flood [Profile] for Amy Flood
FloodDana  -  Ext:
[Email] for Dana Flood [Profile] for Dana Flood
FlynnJR  -  NBC Teacher
[Email] for JR Flynn [Profile] for JR Flynn
FordAli  -  Math Teacher
[Email] for Ali Ford [Profile] for Ali Ford
FordLaura  -  Cafeteria Manager
[Email] for Laura Ford [Profile] for Laura Ford
FowlerBrittany  -  STEAM Teacher 270-756-3050
[Email] for Brittany Fowler [Profile] for Brittany Fowler
FrankEddie  -  Custodian
[Email] for Eddie Frank [Profile] for Eddie Frank
FrankSheila  -  Kitchen Staff
[Email] for Sheila Frank [Profile] for Sheila Frank
FrazierSuzanne  -  Youth Service Center Coordinator Assistant/Receptionist
[Email] for Suzanne Frazier [Profile] for Suzanne Frazier
FrenchLoretta  -  HS/PS Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Loretta French [Profile] for Loretta French
FrymireElaine  -  Bookkeeper
[Email] for Elaine Frymire [Profile] for Elaine Frymire
GallagherJacob  -  Teacher
[Email] for Jacob Gallagher [Profile] for Jacob Gallagher
GarnerJennifer  -  Library Media Specialist
[Email] for Jennifer Garner [Profile] for Jennifer Garner
GarrettBeth Ann  -  English Teacher
[Email] for Beth Ann Garrett [Profile] for Beth Ann Garrett
GarrettRob  -  English Teacher
[Email] for Rob Garrett [Profile] for Rob Garrett
GedlingHolly  -  HS/PS EPSEA/Data Entry Clerk 270-756-3179 Ext:
[Email] for Holly Gedling [Profile] for Holly Gedling
GedlingJoey  -  IMT Teacher 2707562138
[Email] for Joey Gedling [Profile] for Joey Gedling
GillonChris  -  Custodian
[Email] for Chris Gillon [Profile] for Chris Gillon
GlennMiah  -  English Teacher
[Email] for Miah Glenn [Profile] for Miah Glenn
GoffCorbyn  -  Third Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Corbyn Goff [Profile] for Corbyn Goff
GrayJennifer  -  HS/PS Instructional Assistant Ext:
[Email] for Jennifer Gray [Profile] for Jennifer Gray
GreenwellMary Lou  -  Instructional Assistant 2707563070
[Email] for Mary Lou Greenwell [Profile] for Mary Lou Greenwell
GreenwellTara  -  School Nurse
[Email] for Tara Greenwell [Profile] for Tara Greenwell
GreerBeth  -  Speech Pathologist 2707563070
[Email] for Beth Greer [Profile] for Beth Greer
GummAshley  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Ashley Gumm [Profile] for Ashley Gumm
GummTiffany  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Tiffany Gumm [Profile] for Tiffany Gumm
HagmanPam  -  Fourth Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Pam Hagman [Profile] for Pam Hagman
HaleCarletta  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Carletta Hale [Profile] for Carletta Hale
HallAllison  -  Gifted & Talented Teacher & Coordinator
[Email] for Allison Hall [Profile] for Allison Hall
HallDavid  -  Custodian
[Email] for David Hall [Profile] for David Hall
HallMisty  -  RTI Reading & Science Lab Teacher 2707563070
[Email] for Misty Hall [Profile] for Misty Hall
HamiltonChris  -  Social Studies Teacher
[Email] for Chris Hamilton [Profile] for Chris Hamilton
HarnedMike  -  Chief of Student Services 270-756-3000
[Email] for Mike Harned [Profile] for Mike Harned
HarnessStacey  -  Teacher 8211
[Email] for Stacey Harness [Profile] for Stacey Harness
HarperSonya  -  EBD Teacher/Unit Coordinator, Academic Team Coach Ext:
[Email] for Sonya Harper [Profile] for Sonya Harper
HarrisChantal  - 
[Email] for Chantal Harris [Profile] for Chantal Harris
HarrisDustin  -  Assistant DTC
[Email] for Dustin Harris [Profile] for Dustin Harris
HarrisJennifer  -  Receptionist
[Email] for Jennifer Harris [Profile] for Jennifer Harris
HartingLesley  -  Medical Assistant Ext:
[Email] for Lesley Harting [Profile] for Lesley Harting
HatfieldFloeva  -  Ext:
[Email] for Floeva Hatfield [Profile] for Floeva Hatfield
HaycraftTerri  -  Gifted and Talented Coordinator & Teacher 2707563070
[Email] for Terri Haycraft [Profile] for Terri Haycraft
HayesBrandon  -  IES Principal 2707563050
[Email] for Brandon Hayes [Profile] for Brandon Hayes
HaynesLinda  -  Ext:
[Email] for Linda Haynes [Profile] for Linda Haynes
HendrickLillian  -  HS/PS Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Lillian Hendrick [Profile] for Lillian Hendrick
HenningLisa  -  Science Teacher
[Email] for Lisa Henning [Profile] for Lisa Henning
HicksCasey  -  LPN
[Email] for Casey Hicks [Profile] for Casey Hicks
HillJackie  -  Attendance Clerk
[Email] for Jackie Hill [Profile] for Jackie Hill
HillMary  -  Teacher 8173
[Email] for Mary Hill [Profile] for Mary Hill
HincksAddie  -  Choral Director
[Email] for Addie Hincks [Profile] for Addie Hincks
HinsonKendyl  -  School Psychologist 270-756-3040
[Email] for Kendyl Hinson [Profile] for Kendyl Hinson
HintonGreta  -  Cafeteria Cook 2707563070
[Email] for Greta Hinton [Profile] for Greta Hinton
HobbsPenny  -  Music Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Penny Hobbs [Profile] for Penny Hobbs
HockenberryBrad  -  Resource Teacher
[Email] for Brad Hockenberry [Profile] for Brad Hockenberry
HodskinsGina  -  Fourth Grade Teacher, Future Problem Solving Team Coach Ext:
[Email] for Gina Hodskins [Profile] for Gina Hodskins
HoltzmanBert  -  Teacher
[Email] for Bert Holtzman [Profile] for Bert Holtzman
HornbackKarla  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Karla Hornback [Profile] for Karla Hornback
HottellBrent  -  Social Studies Teacher
[Email] for Brent Hottell [Profile] for Brent Hottell
HowardAmanda  -  Teacher
[Email] for Amanda Howard [Profile] for Amanda Howard
HowardRandy  -  Resource Teacher 270-756-3050
[Email] for Randy Howard [Profile] for Randy Howard
HughesKody  -  Teacher 2707563060
[Email] for Kody Hughes [Profile] for Kody Hughes
JacksonPatty  -  Instructional Assistant Ext:
[Email] for Patty Jackson [Profile] for Patty Jackson
JarboeKallie  -  1st Grade Teacher 270-756-3050
[Email] for Kallie Jarboe [Profile] for Kallie Jarboe
JeffriesJennay  -  Teacher Assistant 270-756-3040
[Email] for Jennay Jeffries [Profile] for Jennay Jeffries
JeffriesShelly  -  Headstart/Preschool Instructional Coach
[Email] for Shelly Jeffries [Profile] for Shelly Jeffries
JohnsonSarah  -  Administrative Specialist 2707562138
[Email] for Sarah Johnson [Profile] for Sarah Johnson
JohnstonChad  -  Assistant Principal 2707563080
[Email] for Chad Johnston [Profile] for Chad Johnston
JollyKathy  -  Kids Club Ext:
[Email] for Kathy Jolly [Profile] for Kathy Jolly
KennedyJon  -  Math Teacher - Department Chair
[Email] for Jon Kennedy [Profile] for Jon Kennedy
KennedyTheresa  -  Curriculum Specialist 3167
[Email] for Theresa Kennedy [Profile] for Theresa Kennedy
KingKayla  -  Teacher
[Email] for Kayla King [Profile] for Kayla King
KiperKathy  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Kathy Kiper [Profile] for Kathy Kiper
KnochelJayme  -  Assistant Superintendent
[Email] for Jayme Knochel [Profile] for Jayme Knochel
LaGrangeJeff  -  In School Suspension
[Email] for Jeff LaGrange [Profile] for Jeff LaGrange
LaneAbbi  -  1st Grade Teacher
[Email] for Abbi Lane [Profile] for Abbi Lane
LawalinBrianne  -  Occupational Therapist
[Email] for Brianne Lawalin [Profile] for Brianne Lawalin
LedfordAshley  -  Second Grade Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Ashley Ledford [Profile] for Ashley Ledford
LedridgeKacy  -  Curriculum Specialist 270-756-3028 Ext:
[Email] for Kacy Ledridge [Profile] for Kacy Ledridge
LewisTimothy  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Timothy Lewis [Profile] for Timothy Lewis
LoefflerDeAnna  -  Teacher
[Email] for DeAnna Loeffler [Profile] for DeAnna Loeffler
LogsdonAngie  -  Teacher
[Email] for Angie Logsdon [Profile] for Angie Logsdon
LopezCynthia  -  Spanish Teacher - Department Chair
[Email] for Cynthia Lopez [Profile] for Cynthia Lopez
LovellAlex  -  Teacher
[Email] for Alex Lovell [Profile] for Alex Lovell
LovellLeah  -  Business & Marketing Teacher
[Email] for Leah Lovell [Profile] for Leah Lovell
LucasAngela  -  HS/PS Disabilities/Health Service Manager 270-756-3140 Ext:
[Email] for Angela Lucas [Profile] for Angela Lucas
LucasAshley  -  Kitchen Staff
[Email] for Ashley Lucas [Profile] for Ashley Lucas
LucasAshli  -  Custodian
[Email] for Ashli Lucas [Profile] for Ashli Lucas
LucasBeverly  -  STEAM / RTI Ext:
[Email] for Beverly Lucas [Profile] for Beverly Lucas
LucasCheryl  -  Cafeteria Ext:
[Email] for Cheryl Lucas [Profile] for Cheryl Lucas
LucasMarilyn  -  Secretary 270-756-3040
[Email] for Marilyn Lucas [Profile] for Marilyn Lucas
LucasSandra  -  Teacher Assistant
[Email] for Sandra Lucas [Profile] for Sandra Lucas
LucasSue  -  HS/PS Instructional Assistant Ext:
[Email] for Sue Lucas [Profile] for Sue Lucas
LyonsKatie  -  Instructional Assistant 2707563070
[Email] for Katie Lyons [Profile] for Katie Lyons
LyonsRachel  -  Headstart/Preschool Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Rachel Lyons [Profile] for Rachel Lyons
MacyBuddy  -  Social Studies Teacher - Department Chair
[Email] for Buddy Macy [Profile] for Buddy Macy
MaddoxSusan  -  Cafeteria Staff
[Email] for Susan Maddox [Profile] for Susan Maddox
MagnessJackie  -  Network Technician
[Email] for Jackie Magness [Profile] for Jackie Magness
MahmoudSusan  -  Second Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Susan Mahmoud [Profile] for Susan Mahmoud
MarcumKatie  -  Psychologist 270-756-3172 Ext:
[Email] for Katie Marcum [Profile] for Katie Marcum
MarpleChristie  -  Counselor 270-756-3040
[Email] for Christie Marple [Profile] for Christie Marple
MarpleMorgan  -  Instructional Assistant 270-756-3040
[Email] for Morgan Marple [Profile] for Morgan Marple
MarrKasey  -  English Teacher
[Email] for Kasey Marr [Profile] for Kasey Marr
MarshallKabrina  -  Instructional Aide
[Email] for Kabrina Marshall [Profile] for Kabrina Marshall
MartinEmma  -  Principal 270-756-3020 Ext:
[Email] for Emma Martin [Profile] for Emma Martin
MartinShannon  -  Instructional Assistant 2707563070
[Email] for Shannon Martin [Profile] for Shannon Martin
MastersonMikah  -  Second Grade Teacher
[Email] for Mikah Masterson [Profile] for Mikah Masterson
MattinglyBradley  -  Curriculum Specialist 270-756-3040
[Email] for Bradley Mattingly [Profile] for Bradley Mattingly
MattinglyJames  -  Custodian
[Email] for James Mattingly [Profile] for James Mattingly
MattinglyJeff  -  Maintenance
[Email] for Jeff Mattingly [Profile] for Jeff Mattingly
MattinglyTiffany  -  Cafeteria/Instructional Assistant 270-756-3040
[Email] for Tiffany Mattingly [Profile] for Tiffany Mattingly
MattinglyValerie  -  Custodian 2707563070
[Email] for Valerie Mattingly [Profile] for Valerie Mattingly
MattinglyWhitney  -  Kindergarten Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Whitney Mattingly [Profile] for Whitney Mattingly
McCamishSue  -  Custodian
[Email] for Sue McCamish [Profile] for Sue McCamish
McCormackSarah  -  Family & Consumer Science Teacher
[Email] for Sarah McCormack [Profile] for Sarah McCormack
McFallBrittany  -  2nd Grade Teacher 270-756-3050
[Email] for Brittany McFall [Profile] for Brittany McFall
MidkiffKevin  -  Assistant DTC
[Email] for Kevin Midkiff [Profile] for Kevin Midkiff
MilesBrandon  -  Resource Teacher
[Email] for Brandon Miles [Profile] for Brandon Miles
MillerJon  -  Transition Readiness Coordinator
[Email] for Jon Miller [Profile] for Jon Miller
MillerKatie  -  Family Resource Coordinator 2707563070
[Email] for Katie Miller [Profile] for Katie Miller
MillerLily  -  First Grade Teacher
[Email] for Lily Miller [Profile] for Lily Miller
MillerMatthew  -  CMM Teacher 2707562138
[Email] for Matthew Miller [Profile] for Matthew Miller
MillerMelody  -  Teacher 2707563060
[Email] for Melody Miller [Profile] for Melody Miller
MillerPam  -  Instructional Assistant/Bus Driver 270-756-3040
[Email] for Pam Miller [Profile] for Pam Miller
MillerRob  -  BCATC Principal
[Email] for Rob Miller [Profile] for Rob Miller
MingusAngela  -  Bookkeeper 3160
[Email] for Angela Mingus [Profile] for Angela Mingus
MingusMelody  -  Science Teacher - Department Chair
[Email] for Melody Mingus [Profile] for Melody Mingus
MitchamStella  -  4th & 5th Grade Teacher
[Email] for Stella Mitcham [Profile] for Stella Mitcham
MoorePam  -  RTI Ext:
[Email] for Pam Moore [Profile] for Pam Moore
MoormanBritney  -  Kitchen Staff
[Email] for Britney Moorman [Profile] for Britney Moorman
MorelandMichael  -  Chief Financial Officer
[Email] for Michael Moreland [Profile] for Michael Moreland
MorganChris  -  Social Studies Teacher
[Email] for Chris Morgan [Profile] for Chris Morgan
MorganMimi  -  Teacher
[Email] for Mimi Morgan [Profile] for Mimi Morgan
MorrisReba  -  FRC back room/ Kid's Club
[Email] for Reba Morris [Profile] for Reba Morris
MortonRebecca  -  Teacher
[Email] for Rebecca Morton [Profile] for Rebecca Morton
MuddCourtney  -  Special Education Teacher 270-756-3040
[Email] for Courtney Mudd [Profile] for Courtney Mudd
NashMichelle  -  Instructional Aide