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District Mission

The Breckinridge County Board of Education's mission is to provide equitable opportunities that inspire all students to achieve success and become productive citizens.   



District Vision

The vision for the Breckinridge County School District is to be proficient and beyond for each student.



District Goals

1.  To provide a secure financial future for Breckinridge County Schools while maintaining a high level of fiscal responsibility.

2.  To provide a safe, positive and inviting environment in which students can learn.

3.  To promote internal communication and school, parent and community relations.

4.  To prepare students to excel in both education and the job market.

5.  To encourage and enable students to become life-long learners. 

6.  To employ competent, ethical and motivated personnel.

7.  To provide equitable educational opportunities for all children in the district.

8.  To provide a school curriculum based on rigor, relevance and relationships.


The goal is to provide an instructional program that will enable all students to have an edge over their competition.  To make our vision a reality, high expectations and improvement will be required in the following areas:

       ·  Dropout rate

       ·  Attendance rate

       ·  Student performance at grade level in Reading, Math and writing

       ·  Decreasing achievement gaps between the different student population groups

       ·  Curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development and staff evaluations aligned with core content and national standards

       ·  Use of "Best Practices and Research Based" instructional strategies

       ·  Parent and community involvement

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