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Phone Extensions 


For a complete alphabetized listing of district employees and their phone extensions, click here.


For listings by location, click on the location below:

BCHS              CES                  Central Office                   ATC

BCMS              HES                  Alternative School

BJES                IES                   Bus Garage



If you are a staff member calling from within the phone network, you only need to dial the 4 digit extension number to gain access to that person.  If you are dialing from outside the school district phone network (i.e., a parent calling into the system) dial 756 before any number that starts with a 3.  The numbers beginning with a 3 are direct access numbers.  Otherwise, call the front desk of the school and request the extension of the staff member you wish to contact. 

                                                    Central Office - 756-3000        

                               BCHS - 756-3080                   CES - 756-3040            

                               BCMS - 756-3060                   HES - 756-3020            

                               BJES - 756-3070                     IES - 756-3050